Testimonial- Sport Fishing PNG & Boat charters

A testimonial from Jason Yip – Managing Director of Sport Fishing PNG.

“In the fishing charter industry, having a mother ship as a base of operation in the most remote and wildest destinations takes the business to the next level. When Sport Fishing PNG decided it was time to upgrade the company’s services, a mothership was definately the right way to go. After seeing K20 in person, the team was awestruck and could only imagine the possibilities. Once in our hands, we knew we had made the right decision. K20 is spacious in both passenger and equipment terms, as we are able to take up to 10 anglers and stack up 4 tenders on the top deck.

Sport Fishing PNG always bring clients to the most remote destinations and we are always met with extreme conditions, may it be weather, tidal rivers, shallow sand banks and other extremes mother nature can throw at us, but K20 takes it all in stride. With a 1.5 metre draft, we are able to bring the mothership into the densest jungle rivers where water levels get as low as 4 metres. Being an aluminium catamaran, the stability and manoeuvrability is unmatched even while in the roughest of seas.”

K20 is based at Port Moresby and the team fishes from the most western point f the country to the farthest reaches of the eastern point of Papua New Guinea, just to reach the destination, then proceeds to work for up to 3 weeks before returning to Port Moresby. It is a true workhorse, and we love it. If a fine vessel like K20 can take the extreme conditions of Papua New Guniea, you can rest assured that all boats that Fine Entry Marine builds can handle the rest of the world with ease.

Best Regards
Jason Yip
Managing Director of Sport Fishing PNG”