Cape Wickham

24m Police Patrol Vessel – Twin Keel Mono Hull

This vessel is 23.95 metres in length and has enhanced seakeeping capabilities over and above that of the PV Van Diemen. PV Cape Wickham has the capacity to take Tasmania Police into some of the most treacherous seas in the world and up to 200 nautical miles out to sea. A twin-engine propeller driven vessel with a draft of 1.8 metres; Cruise at 26 knots, top speed of 30 knots; Range of 1000 nautical miles; Long and short range radar and thermal detection capability; and increased load carrying capacity.

Wave Graphic

Vessel Specifications

Hull Length


Overall Length

Waterline Length


Draft at Working Displacement

Working Displacement

Light Displacement

Deck Height Above Waterline

Bow Freeboard at Rest​

Fuel Capacity

Water Capacity


Total Installed Power

Sprint Speed

Cruise Speed



Vessel Design